20 Jul 2012

Lorenzo and SicBuddy Auction

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This past Saturday, at our local 4-H Jr Livestock Show & Auction, Lorenzo displayed for auction his Turkey Project named SicBuddy. He raised him and prepared him for the sole purpose of raising money for the Braedon Hyland Hockey Foundation. It was a very special evening for us, as the day would have also been Braedon’s 19th Birthday. We’d like to thank the Auction Committee for allowing us to ‘change things up a bit’ and have Lorenzo and Sicbuddy out front as the very 1st auction item of the night! When the sawdust cleared, Sicbuddy went for $625.00, but…that wasn’t it!! There were many “add-on” bids added to Lorenzo’s earnings which gave us a grand total of $1,865.00!!!! I’m very proud of the community for their incredible support and especially proud of my “Moose” for being such a great kid!


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